Filmmaker . Director . Photographer

Fitch Jean

My name is Fitch Jean and I am a Visual Artist based in Ottawa, Canada. I have been a storyteller all my life, writing short stories and novels from the age of 11. I’ve discovered a passion for images and motion pictures and developed the art of story telling through photography , videography and filmmaking. I’ve been working as a photographer for the last 7 years in Canada and in the United States. I’ve done work as a photographer but also as a videographer and Creative Director.

Through my professional studies and Bachelor degree in communications and media with a minor in business management, I’ve been able to include branding , digital communication and brand story telling to my resume. My goal is to tell a story that matters and that will influence. Wether it is through still photography for commercial brands or through campaigns or narrative motion picture work I am ready to tell your story.

Awards and Accolades
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